Medic Up Podcast

Hosted ByChris Ruggiero

Are you an EMT or paramedic student? A newbie, probie or FNG just hitting the street in EMS? Maybe you’re an EMS veteran: salty, grizzled or just toasty around the edges? The Medic Up! Podcast has something for you! Join us for a mix of education, entertainment and just the right amount of EMS war stories to keep you coming back.

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Medic Up! Episode #12 Joe Connelly: Author of Bringing Out The Dead Pt. 1

Joe Connelly Bio He was born in St Clare’s Hospital in Hells Kitchen Manhattan, the same hospital his mother worked[…]

Medic Up! Episode # 11 Lt. Alex Roehner from Nightwatch Nation & Me

Today I sit down with Lt. Alex Roehner from the A&E  show: Nightwatch Nation. Alex is a Paramedic, Supervisor as[…]