Medic Up Podcast

Hosted ByChris Ruggiero

Are you an EMT or paramedic student? A newbie, probie or FNG just hitting the street in EMS? Maybe you’re an EMS veteran: salty, grizzled or just toasty around the edges? The Medic Up! Podcast has something for you! Join us for a mix of education, entertainment and just the right amount of EMS war stories to keep you coming back.

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Ep. 29 Rachael Bailey – Canadian Advanced Care Paramedic

Rachael Bailey, an Advanced Care Paramedic from Alberta, Canada, joins me on the podcast to talk about the the different[…]

**RE-RELEASE** Ep. 16 Dr. Kari Jerge M.D. Trauma Surgeon Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of my Interview with Dr. Kari Jerge M.D. We talk about: *Emerging trends in trauma care *Whole[…]

**RE-RELEASE** Ep. 15 Dr. Kari Jerge M.D. Trauma Surgeon Part 1

Dr. Kari Jerge M.D. is a double board certified in trauma and critical care medicine. She is a trauma surgeon[…]

Ep. 28 Phil Sharpe – Owner / Operator of Fuel the Machine Apparel

In this episode, Phil Sharpe, the President, CEO, Owner, Lead Designer of Fuel the Machine Apparel sits down to talk[…]

Ep. 27 Jessica Arno aka @combatmidwife

I’m  joined on the podcast by Jessica Arno to share tales of catching babies & teaching US service members the[…]

Ep. 26 Alaina’s 1st Year as a Paramedic.

First of all, Happy Birthday to us! The Medic Up! Podcast is turning 3 years old this month and if[…]

Ep. 25 Bill Harris First CARE Provider Pt.2

Bill Harris and I finish our conversation about bleeding control, discuss some roadblocks to delivering courses like Stop the Bleed[…]

Ep. 24 Bill Harris: First Care Provider Co-Founder Pt. 1

May is National Stop the Bleed Month month so, Bill Harris from First CARE Provider sat down to talk about[…]