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Hosted ByJohnny Kolasinski & Dr. Jackson Vane

Real medical professionals and an unqualified amateur talk medical mix-ups in TV and film. Johnny Kolasinski, Dr. Jackson Vane, and guests discuss some of the most glaring mistakes – and unexpected successes – in Hollywood’s depictions of injuries, medical maladies, and how the body works. New episodes Tuesdays!

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3: 65. Sex and the City: And Just Like That – When In Rome – “Time is heart. Time is ball.”

Of course we’re going to talk about the Peloton incident! This week Johnny and Dr. Jackson discuss the medical accuracy of  “When in Rome,” the series premiere of And Just Like That, Sex and the City’s sequel series.

2: 64. Pete and Pete: Field of Pete – “A tiny bit of misinformation infects the whole team with nonsense”

Johnny and Dr. Jackson are joined by Dr. Greg Winter to discuss brain freeze and vaccine misinformation in “Field of Pete,” S02E02 of Nickelodeon’s “Pete and Pete.” This episode was recorded before SDCC 2021 but wasn’t able to be released until just…

1: 63. Scrubs: My Lunch – “It’s not first in, first out for organs.”

We’re back, joined by Dr. Greg Winter, to discuss “My Lunch,” S05E20 of Scrubs. You know the episode – it’s the one where something sad happens and they play that song by The Fray. There’s a little bit of catching up and Covid discussion – we dive…

23: 62. Wondercon At Home: Parks and Rec & Bob’s Burgers

For our Wondercon at Home panel, Johnny and Dr. Jackson are joined by Dr. Courtney Nicholas and Dr. Greg Winter to talk about  situations seen in “Emergency Response,” S05E13 of Parks and Recreation, and “The Kids Run the Restaurant,” S03E20 of…

Transcript: Wondercon At Home – Parks and Rec & Bob’s Burgers – Episode 62

Wondercon At Home – Parks and Rec & Bob’s Burgers – Episode 62 Hi folks! Here’s the transcript from our Wondercon at Home panel, where we discuss and Like the podcast, this transcript is not medical advice. If you catch any errors, let us know…

22: 61. Psych: Feet Don’t Kill Me Now – “Everyone should visit the coroner”

Dry drowning isn’t real. This week we’re joined by Dr. Greg Winter to discuss Psych S0502, “Feet Don’t Kill Me Now. The episode says dry drowning is real. It’s wrong. Dry drowning isn’t real. 

21: 60. Nip/Tuck: Cara Fitzgerald – “We’re ethical. That’s why a show about this podcast would be boring.”

Johnny and Dr. Jackson discuss S01E08 of Nip/Tuck, “Cara Fitzgerald.” We cover the ethics of doctor/patient confidentiality, the ethics of religious objections to treatment, the ethics of dating your patient… Basically everything these doctors do is…

20: 59. Cobra Kai: Aftermath & Nature vs. Nurture – “Try to get that Babinski!”

Johnny and Dr. Jackson discuss the medical accuracy of the first two episodes of Cobra Kai Season Three, talking about spinal cord injuries, blood in your urine, and what happens when a med student misplaces their white coat and badge.

19: 58. Arrested Development: My Mother, The Car – “The gauze is there so we know when they’ve recovered

Johnny and Dr. Jackson discuss “My Mother, the Car,” S01E08 of Arrested Development. Michael gets a concussion, Buster jumps through a window, and, as usual, there’s not enough blood.