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News, updates and commentary on the world of emergency medical services.

News, updates and commentary on the world of emergency medical services.

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Mike Lucero

Due to mandatory staffing patterns, could this force first responders to leave their chosen career path because of burnout? Mike Lucero explains his perspective as a father, husband and his struggle for mental wellness within his dream career.

Women in Leadership

Dr. Candice McDonald and Robin Goldinger, RN, talk about empowering women in emergency medical services.

Carrot-Stick in Quality Assurance with Tim Nowak

Tim Nowak is the Founder & CEO of Emergency Medical Solutions, LLC, an EMS training & consulting company that he developed in 2010. His background includes nearly a decade of company officer and chief officer level experience, in addition to training con…

Influenza Vaccines for 2021-22

Infection control consultant Katherine West explains the new influenza vaccines for the upcoming year.

EMS Initiatives in Indiana

Chief Douglas Randell talks with Kraig Kinney and Dr. Michael Kaufmann from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, EMS Division, and Dr. Kristina Box, commissioner of the Indiana Department of Health, on the state’s Coronavirus response.

Rescue Medicine with Doug Hexel

Doug Hexel has been in emergency services since 2004 and currently serves as a firefighter-paramedic for the City of Schenectady (NY), a rescue-medical specialist for New York Urban/Technical Search and Rescue Task Force 2 (NY-TF2), paramedic instructor …

Not-So-Happy Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

Scot Phelps and Maria Werner talk about why 911 controllers and communicators are handcuffed from doing their job the proper way.

Statistical Significance and EMS with Tony Fernandez

If you’ve ever read a medical research study, even just the headline, this podcast is for you. If you’re an EMS educator leading the next generation of EMS providers to our field, this podcast is for you. If you’re a training officer or other EMS profess…

The Thing about Texas, Part 2: ‘It’s More Complex than Most People Realize’

This is part two of a two-part mid-pandemic deep dive — Jonathon Feit sits down with Joseph Casciotti, battalion chief of Community Medicine at the Harris County (TX) Emergency Service District 48 Fire Department.
In this installment, the two explore the…