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News, updates and commentary on the world of emergency medical services.

News, updates and commentary on the world of emergency medical services.

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Juliana Castro’s Heart and Soul on Display

Celebrating STAR of Life recipients during EMS Week 2022, here’s a beautiful conversation with Juliana Castro, a paramedic with UT Health East Texas EMS.

Bitter Justice: Why the Criminal Convictions of Clinicians May Be in Our Best Interests

The Case
RaDonda Vaught was a 39-year old registered nurse serving as the “help-all” nurse (for which there is no specific job description) at Vanderbilt University Hospital on Dec. 26, 2017.  She also had an orientee. She was asked to go down to Radiolo…

Riding the Terror Wave… Again

In this episode, Raphael and Dov discuss the recent wave of fatal and non-fatal terror attacks in Israel from the viewpoint of a first responder. How do first responders deal with scene safety? How do they treat patients under fire? What is the emotional…

JEMS Talk: Seeking a Rosetta Stone

Please join us for a discussion on finding a common language in Mobile Medicine. Keep the conversation going by using #JEMSTalk.

The Benefits of Improv

Eric Chase talks with Dr. Michael Smith, an academic hospitalist and improvisor. They talk about the benefits of improv in the medical and public safety professions, building relational interactions vs. transactional interactions and much more.

Opening The Skies

In this third and final installment covering our operations assisting refugees at the Ukrainian border, Dov and Raphael are joined by Linor Attias, a United Hatzalah EMT and one of the mission leaders of Operation Orange Wings. Linor also serves as an em…