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News, updates and commentary on the world of emergency medical services.

News, updates and commentary on the world of emergency medical services.

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Why Is Personal Mental Health Important?

Lonnie Ellis is a lieutenant for Rowan County Emergency Services. He has been with the agency for nearly four years but has been a paramedic for 15 years. Lonnie started his career in Volusia County, Florida in 2006. He serves in multiple roles besides h…

The ‘EMS Man’ Always Rings Twice

What does it say about us when your uniform makes you look like a delivery driver? Scot Phelps and Maria Werner discuss.

EMS Agenda 2050 with Eric Bradley

The EMS Handoff crew goes it solo discussing the EMS Agenda 2050.
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Retro EMS in 2021
Adaptive EMS Mindset
Adequate Staffing the Clinician of the Future
Virtual Hospital
Telehealth, Community Paramedicine, and Home Health

Tray White

“It’s OK to get hurt, but fixers need fixing too.” – Chief White
What happens when a tragedy affects a first responder family? Chief Tray White discusses his own vulnerability during difficult times in her career and personal life.

What Is the NREMT?

This episode spotlights the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. Executive Director Bill Seifarth, MS, NRP, explains who they are, what they are currently doing to have a fair, balanced and validated exam, and what is on the horizon. 

…And the Dead Shall Rise Again… An Epi Tale with Bradley Dean

Over the holiday weekend, host Bradley Dean takes to the microphone to continues the conversation about resuscitation on the EMS Handoff. 

From Zero (Education) to Hero

New Castle County (DE) Paramedics Implement an Innovative Pay-as-You-Learn Recruitment/Education Academy
Join A.J. Heightman and New Castle County (NCC) Paramedics’ Assistant Chief Chris Johnson for an enlightening 90-minute podcast on the innovative Par…

Doug Smith’s Thoughts as a Retiring Paramedic

The EMS Handoff crew talks with Doug Smith, a co-founder of Platinum Educational Group, on his last day of a practicing paramedic.

Dr. Tony Brooks

Listen to the inside story of rescuing “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell through the perspective of Dr. Tony Brooks, an U.S. Army Ranger on the recovery mission.