EMS Office Hours

Hosted ByJim Hoffman, Josh Knapp & David Brenner

EMS Office Hours is the EMS podcast that discusses various EMS topics. Jim Hoffman is the show lead with his co-hosts Josh Knapp along with David Brenner and they are joined by frequent guest speakers in the EMS industry. Geared for the EMS provider, this show encourages interaction via the blog, email, Twitter, Instagram and FaceBook.

You can contact Jim direct at contact(at) emsofficehours.com.

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Troublesome EMS Partners & Enabling Agencies

What do you do when your partner just doesn’t want to follow the rules or when your agency turns a blind eye to it?  This episode Dave, Jim and Josh talk about dealing with rule breaking partners agencies that let it happen and the back in the day mind…

No One Wants To Work In EMS

EMS personnel shortage. Is there a shortage of people or pay? Is the answer more education? Take a listen to this age ole EMS conundrum below. Free Membership===> Turbo Medic Insider.  Get a variety of study and review resources to help you pass exams,…

The “I Can’t Breathe” Myth

This episode asks: When a patient says “I can’t breathe” How can we tell if they are telling the truth? Should that even be part of the assessment? Plus… Being eased into 911 or thrown in the deep end. Which is better?

Quitting and failing is easy, EMS classes are not

On episode “this one”: Quitting and failing is easy, EMS classes are not. That’s a good thing. Flipping the classroom The NY EMT having to take full recertifications because paperwork wasn’t in on time? Take a listen below Free Membership===> Turbo Med…

Your EMS Mistake May Take You To Jail

Been seeing some news about EMS providers being charged criminally for medication errors. Will providers start thinking twice before giving a treatment if they don’t have too? This and tips on treating transgender patients. Do we really need them?

The Time They Laughed At You

I wanted to share this NREMT exam struggle story on passing the NREMT.  One of my coaching students thought they knew it all. But when his classmates where moving ahead he was stuck behind and feeling like he was being laughed at.  True of not,

The Lights Sirens Action Interview

Just did an interview with Lights Cameras Action and we talked about a variety of topics including: The EMS testing environment The importance of call reviews (even lift assists) How to be prepared for potential opportunities when they come up.

Where does your EMS duty start and stop?

When you are off duty, what would you respond to? Would you help the “disheveled person lying on the sidewalk?” What is your off duty story? Watch the video or listen below.  Free Membership===> Turbo Medic Insider.

EMS Bathroom Breaks, Instructor Engagement and…

Dave, Jim and Josh talk about a method some instructors use to help their students even though the student probably thinks otherwise. Plus why bathroom breaks in EMS are different. Watch the video or just listen here: Free Membership===> Turbo Medic In…