Series: Pragmatic Paramedics

PragMedics Discuss Heat Stroke w/ Dr. Timothy Durkin

In this episode, the PragMedics talk with Dr Timothy Durkin and  discuss Heat Stroke, the signs, symptoms, myths, and of course treatment modalities. The boys and Dr. Durkin look to find practical ways for street level providers to identify and…

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PragMedics Talk Vents with Ryan

In this episode, Jason and Scooby (Aaron was on shift doing real work) sit down with Ryan Kerr to discuss his free online ventilator book, reasons for writing and publishing a free book, and other ventilator thoughts.  Ryan is a current…

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PragMedics Chat Ketamine w/ Brad Morgans

In this episode, the PragMedics chat with Brad Morgans about ketamine.  Brad retired from the US Army after 20 years of service and multiple deployments a a Lieutenant Colonel.  He deployed with USSOCOM as a CRNA numerous times in support of…

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