Series: Pragmatic Paramedics

PragMedics Chat Ketamine w/ Brad Morgans

In this episode, the PragMedics chat with Brad Morgans about ketamine.  Brad retired from the US Army after 20 years of service and multiple deployments a a Lieutenant Colonel.  He deployed with USSOCOM as a CRNA numerous times in support of…

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I Had This COPD Patient Part III

Scooby and the PragMedics are back again with Part 3 of a three-part series discussing intubation. In this episode, we discuss the intubation process from confirmation of tube placement to a failed airway. In todays episode, Scooby discusses…

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PragMedics Chat with GRM

In this episode, we chat with Global Response Management (GRM). GRM is an international NGO and exists to bring emergency prehosptial care and training to those living in or displaced from conflict zones. Listen in as we learn from the medical…

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