What’s Your Emergency

Hosted ByJuston Schorr & Jason Hoschouer

WYE is the podcast that responds to all emergencies on and off the job.

WYE Bonus Episode – Family Disaster Plan Revisited

Full show notes here: http://wyeradio.com/disasterbonus.

It’s been busy around the WYE studios of late. In addition, we’ve had some recent natural disasters brewing: earthquakes in CA and flooding in DC.

We decided to re-issue our Family Disaster Plan episode to act as a reminder to make sure you’re as safe as possible during these types of inevitable disasters.

For example:

  • What supplies do I evacuate with?
  • Who do I call before I evacuate?
  • Where do I go once told to evacuate?
  • Will the Earth ever stop shaking? (Probably not. At the time of publishing there have been over 2000 aftershocks)

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