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WYE 035: From CA Medic to TX Cop – Sean Eddy

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Here at What’s Your Emergency Radio we are always looking for stories about folks who love public service, but also feel like something is missing. We strive to find people who have found success and bring you their stories. This is indeed one of those stories.

Friend of the show, Sean Eddy, was in town for a few days, so we picked his brain about his transition from CA Medic to TX LEO. You’ll heard us discuss:

  • Is it possible to pull up roots in one discipline and plant them in another?
  • How did Sean balance part time EMS and full time Police Academy?
  • How important was paying off debt and getting control of overtime before the switch?
  • How does Sean operate as both an LEO and a Medic in the same jurisdiction at the same time without mixing up hats?
  • Can you pee in a bear’s eyes to escape it?

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