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WYE is the podcast that responds to all emergencies on and off the job.

WYE 029: Rescue Task Force with Thomas Beers

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In this episode, the guys talk to Thomas Beers, EMS Manager for Cleveland Clinic Health, about the concept of Rescue Task Force, or RTF, when it comes to Active Shooter Scenarios.

We discuss:

  • Where did the Rescue Task Force concept originate?
  • Is the RTF the best model to apply lifesaving treatments in the warm zone?
  • Will most “active shooter” incidents be over before EMS or Fire arrive?
  • Has EMS let the active shooter curriculum get out of control and be about sensational incidents instead of co-ordination with law enforcement.
  • Can HM get MC to stop giggling long enough to get Thomas Beers to say “Yes, it’s gotten too sexy?”

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