What’s Your Emergency

Hosted ByJuston Schorr & Jason Hoschouer

WYE is the podcast that responds to all emergencies on and off the job.

WYE 028: Lt. Randy Sutton & the Wounded Blue

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In this episode, welcome Lt. Randy Sutton from The Wounded Blue.

This episode is one of our most important because it talks about how an offensive amount of our first responders are literally being left out in the financial cold after being injured and not supported by their respective departments.

You’ll learn:

  • Do new Officers, Firefighters and EMTs know the benefits they are entitled to in the event of an injury on the job?
  • What solutions can be put in place short term to educate law makers about our plight?
  • What does it mean when Wounded Blue says “Never Forgotten, Never Alone?”
  • How Does Randy know Selma Hyek and Sandra Bullock?

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