What’s Your Emergency

Hosted ByJuston Schorr & Jason Hoschouer

WYE is the podcast that responds to all emergencies on and off the job.

WYE 021: Naked Shenanigans and Body Cams

For full show notes, visit http://wyeradio.com/episode21

In this episode, the guys talk about some remarkably poor care on both the PD and EMS side out of South Carolina.


Naked dude dies on highway…post-EMS “assessment” and after being provided transport by PD.

The guys discuss:

  • Who should be held accountable for this likely preventable death?
  • Should EMS be more proactive in assessment?
  • Can PD assist with psych hold or other kind of intervention if they suspect intoxication or mental illness?
  • Who drops people off in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night?

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