What’s Your Emergency

Hosted ByJuston Schorr & Jason Hoschouer

WYE is the podcast that responds to all emergencies on and off the job.

WYE 018: Managing Expectations

To see full show notes, go to http://wyeradio.com/episode18.

MC and HM fire up the mics to talk about MC’s new adventure: Field Training Officer. HM asks him to describe how he has prepared for this role and what he expects of the new officer who will be assigned to him the very next day!

  • What are first day expectation of the FTO towards the new officer?
  • What is the officer expecting from the FTO?
  • How can an FTO set a fair boundary of mentor/friend?
  • What 3 things will the officer not have that he’ll need by the end of the 4 week training?


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