WYE 001: Welcome to What’s Your Emergency

For full show notes, go to wyeradio.com/episode001.

Welcome to our brand new podcast about all emergencies, large or small, on or off the job!  In this first episode your hosts Motorcop and the Happy Medic take you on a quick trip to learn about the format of the show, what to expect and what we hope to bring to you.

Inside each episode we’ll focus on one of the 4 cores of the show:

  • Emotional Health – Dealing with depression, suicide prevention, focusing efforts, medication and more
  • Financial Health – Getting on a budget, debt reduction/elimination, investing, and planning for retirement
  • Physical Health – Not just exercise, but nutrition with shift work, strength training, and agility
  • Professional Health – Planning for promotion, specialized assignments, career changes

Within each one of these cores is a wide variety of topics so we’ll narrow our discussion to one of the 4 phases:

  • Education – Learning more about the basic concepts and methods of a given core topic
  • Prevention – How to avoid common pitfalls and learn from other’s mistakes (not to mention your own)
  • Response – Advice and actionable content to move forward with your plan
  • Recovery – When to evaluate success or prepare to reassess and try again


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