Who needs a good laugh? (Ask WYE 004 Replay)

Here’s a fun fact about me: MC has taken a trip every year with his dad since he was 12-years-old. As it happens, he’s currently on his 37th annual trip!

Consequently and in combination with the relatively heavy subject matter of late, Justin and MC wanted to lighten the proverbial load a bit and go back in the archives for some significantly lighter fare.

Early in the Ask WYE lexicon, we were asked about the best pranks we’ve seen/experienced in our respective professional lives. It was one of our most popular Ask’s to date, so it felt apropos to re-introduce it to the world.

If you’re new to the show or you missed this one originally, give it a listen! 

If you’ve been hear since our inception and have been missing some shenaniganery, give it a listen!

Have a great week and we’ll be back with new episodes next week!

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