Tracy Levesque 1-12-17

In honor of Max the Paramedic Therapy Dog retirement a re-podcast of Episode 87 with Tracy Levesque.
Episode 87:Tracy Levesque is a Paramedic in Ottawa, Canada where their EMS system responds to 120,000 calls a year. Tracy is a BLS Paramedic, What is BLS Paramedic? Tracy will let us know the answer during our conversation. After 26 years on the job, Tracy is breaking in a new partner. Max is a Golden Retriever and is the only Therapy Dog in Canada for EMS providers. Tracy provides all the details on how the Dog Program came about, what her colleagues think about Max and what Max has done for Ottawa EMS. Tracy and I also discuss Max’s Twitter ability (yes I follow Max and tweet with him). Besides the Dog Program, we talk about EMS in Canada.

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