The Intersection of Faith and Finances with Johnny McWilliams

Faith and Finances. Two topics people love to talk about, right?

Hello? Is this thing on?

Not to worry, friends. In this episode, you can simply listen and not be required to tell us your life story surrounding these taboo topics because MC has a great discussion with fellow financial coach, Johnny McWilliams, about these very things.

In his new book, Biblical Faith Meets Financial Strategy, Johnny lays out his Seven Targets on which to Zero in to maximize your financial health:

  1. Prayerfully Plan
  2. Demolish Debt
  3. Cancel Credit
  4. Increase Inflow
  5. Optimize Outgo
  6. Strategically Save
  7. Generously Give

For more information on how to get Johnny’s book for FREE, go to

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