The Internet of Things with Greg Kaminski and Joseph Walsh

The internet of Things (IoT) is a living force that surrounds us and binds us together…no wait, that’s the Force.​

IoT is very popular and is likely in use in your home and workplace without you realizing it. Your Alexa or Google Home Assistant is constantly listening for a phrase and if your query isn’t understood it sends a recording to a human to decipher. Isn’t that a lovely thought?​

But it goes farther than that, including automatic security lights and cameras, doorbells, interior cameras an a host of other gadgets that we set up to make life easier. We discover this week that it also makes life easier for criminals.​

Greg Kaminski and Joe Walsh (not of The Eagles fame, I’m sad to say) are the founders of Cybercuff, a group offering training to Law Enforcement on the IoT and how much things have changed around policing when it comes to approaching a car, house or building. Short version? You can’t just duck under a window, they may have you under surveillance already…even remotely.​

You’ll learn:​

  • How Cybercuff became a thing and why
  • How to secure your own network from possible scammers and thieves
  • Basics on responding where cameras are installed
  • The importance of balancing convenience with giving away privacy

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