The EMS Physician Medical Director

On this week’s episode of The EMS Handoff, Tennessee EMS Medical Director Dr. Joe Holley, and Dr. Todd Heffern, emergency department director, EMS medical director and president of the Tennessee Chapter of the National Association of EMS Physicians, discuss the role of the EMS physician medical director in 2021 and beyond. 

* The “Active” Medical Director

* ASEP Position Statement

* NAEMSP Position Statement

* Pilot programs and new drugs

* Sparse data and medical decisions

* Medical director as conscience of EMS agency

* It’s tough to a CQI process

* Top errors in EMS

* Most important approach for ANYONE in the field

* Abnormalities and notation

* Paint the picture of your decision making

* Difference between a clinician and technician

* Acronym courses as continuing education

* Bringing training from Okay to Great

* Patient Outcomes vs. Administrative Outcomes

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