The EMS Handoff – Gamification of EMS with Dr. Cicero and Dr. Wallner

Guests: Dr. Mark Cicero, Dr. Clare Wallner

Which has a longer attention span? A goldfish or an average adult? 

Mark X. Cicero, MD, FAAP, is an associate professor of pediatric emergency medicine (PEM) at the Yale School of Medicine, the director of the pediatric disaster preparedness program, an EMS physician and an attending physician at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital. Mark has designed experiential and didactic curricula in pediatric disaster medicine, and has numerous publications about triage and prehospital response.  He is a member of the National Biodefense Science Board and the principal investigator for the Pediatric Research In Disaster Education (PRIDE) network, which has received funding from HRSA and the AHRQ.

Clare Wallner is an assistant professor and clinician educator at McMaster University and associate medical director for the Centre for Paramedic Education and Research in Hamilton, Ontario. She works as an EMS and emergency medicine physician. In addition to innovative curriculum design and medical leadership, she dabbles in research and advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion in medical education.

Show Highlights

  • Gamification education and pandemics
  • Disadvantage of “pouring information into our students”
  • Experience over lecture
  • Locus of internal control
  • Buy-in from instructors
  • Goldfish and adults
  • Engaging students
  • What the 1840 Prussian army has to do with modern education
  • “Practice the way you play”
  • Overlap of entertainment and education
  • Gamification resources for instructors
  • Virtual and mixed-use reality
  • Instructor as the dungeon master

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