The EMS Collaborative Podcast

HAPPY NEW YEARS! We hope you are celebrating 2020 at the NAEMSP National Conference in San Diego. If you’re around, stop by and say hi to the PEC podcast team! This year, we teamed up with our brand new podcast partners Mike Verkest (@MikeVerkest)and Dr. Ritu Sahni (@MD59) of the Second Shift Podcast and Dr. Jeffrey Jarvis (@DrJeffJarvis) of the EMS Lighthouse Project for the VERY first bi-annual EMS Collaborative podcast. In this special episode of the EMS Collaborative, we talk about the wonderful world of Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) and ET3. It’s a fascinating conversation filled with MIH history, MIH research, editorials, and, of course, checking to see if Dr. Sahni can qualify for medicare. Check out this fun, entertaining, and witty podcast today! As always THANK YOU for listening! Hawnwan Philip Moy MD (@pecpodcast) Scott Goldberg MD, MPH (@EMS_Boston), Jeremiah Escajeda MD, MPH (@jerescajeda), Joelle Donofrio-Odmann DO (@PEMems), Mike Verkest (@MikeVerkest), Ritu Sahni MD (@MD59), Jeffrey Jarvis MD (@DrJeffJarvis), and @FlightBridgeED!

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