The COPD Smiting

In today’s episode of the #medicmaterialspodcast an EMS crew must decipher a severe respiratory distress patient. The  Paramedic showcases their ability to assess their patient to overcome the lack of information presented to the EMS crew. All while the EMS gods and the sending facility are attempting to hasten this crews efforts to diagnose and reverse the downward trend  of their patient.  We are joined with Emily (NYS EMT, ER-RN), Kelsey (NYS EMT) and guest Matt (NYS EMT).

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Disclaimer: This video is for Demonstration purposes only. The information provided in this video is no replacement for proper EMT/Paramedic training, education and or practice. The skills, techniques, ideas and theories offered in this video represent the individual participants featured in this video and are not intended to showcase the only method of performing these skills. Please continue to consult with your local EMS system, Agency Standard Operating Procedures/Medical Director, Your Local and State Protocols and your EMS educator for clarification and further proper EMT/Paramedic training. 

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