The Best Laid Plans – Adapting to Social Distancing

Still under a State wide Shelter in Place order your hosts Jason and Justin (the Police and the Fireman) are back to talk about the crazy week they’ve had not coming into contact with anyone. Except for the part where they have to.

The guys talk about the unique challenges of avoiding contact with people in a job that literally requires just that and how they view the economy’s reaction to the virus rapidly sweeping through the US and having disastrous results in Italy and Spain. In this episode the guys talk about:

  • What Justin means by “contact precautions” and why he hasn’t hugged his wife or kids in a week
  • How has MC’s response with the trainee changed?
  • Is PD actually staging and waiting for an all clear from EMS now?
  • If 1 week was this stressful…how will we handle 3…or more?

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