The Age of the Entrepreneur: Millennials, Resources, and Visions

The Age of the Entrepreneur: Millennials, Resources, and Visions

Does age matter? Is age a barrier to your success, or is it the key?

Join Ryan Thorne, founder and chief executive officer of Thorne Ambulance Service (SC), as he opens up to hostess Brett Lyle about his experiences as a young entrepreneur and business owner who is making his way, building a successful private ambulance organization in South Carolina.

Ryan shares stories about his challenges and successes in securing initial funding and how his upbringing and prior EMS experiences helped shape his passion for the industry and his vision for the organization. Ryan reveals the exact moment he decided to start his own ambulance company, shares the philosophies and practices that he has adopted for his agency and offers solutions for how to self-educate and stay competitive.

We talk about our experiences in the industry as 20-year-olds and the transition to 30-something millennial leaders. We talk through the notion of “thick skin” and how the company you keep affects your mindset and resilience.

Ryan offers you a tip for learning technology and embracing social media in a day and age where connection, communication and instant feedback are expected, and he shares the key to his success as an #emergentleader thus far.

Welcome to Emergent Leadership where we connect with passionate leaders who just have to share their stories, perspectives, and most importantly, lessons learned.

The need is urgent, the events are critical, and the you of tomorrow is just an episode away!

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