Tactical Medicine for EMS, Law Enforcement and the Community

Through their experiences in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the military as well as public safety and other medical personnel learned the value of immediate care for injured civilians, while working with first-arriving law enforcement officers, at active shooter and other mass casualty incidents.

With the publication of the four Hartford Consensus documents on Improving Survival from Active Shooter Events, the importance of including law enforcement officers as part of the continuum of care was highlighted. 

With civil disturbances becoming an all too frequent occurrence, the mechanisms and types of injuries have changed from just penetrating trauma to a host of other injuries – such as blast burn and inhalation injuries, tension pneumothorax, crush and pelvic injuries as well as exposure to chemical agents. 

Join A.J. Heightman and his guests for a discussion of new approaches and courses for the delivery of tactical medicine in the field by law enforcement personnel and by first responders at civil disturbances.

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