The SecondShift Podcast

Hosted ByMike Verkest and Dr. Ritu Sahni.

SecondShift, THE EMS "infotainment" podcast with Mike Verkest and Dr. Ritu Sahni.
Entertaining stories, interesting EMS news, special guests, food & beer, laugh, and cry.

Special Crossover Episode

Mike Verkest didn’t want y’all to miss this episode that was recently delivered from the “other podcast” we produce around here. He even made an awesome introduction to it just to let you know what was up. Only problem is… he got cut. It’s all about disk space in the virtual world, bro! We still love us some Verkest. Anyway, THIS PODCAST has got Eric Bauer and Brandon Miesemer on the convention floor of AMTC talking about EMSPOCUS. What in the world is EMSPOCUS? Download and find out! (You knew that was coming…) Rate, review, download, and subscribe from wherever you get your podcasts. Remember you can tell all your friends about us, but if they can’t find us… they can’t download our stuff. If you rate, and review you keep our podcast higher on the charts so people can actually find us. Amazing!

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