Safest Family on the Block with Jason Brick

Has your neighborhood seen Godzilla, Elder Demons, or mischievous Sprites running amok yet? (Man, I’ve been playing quite a bit of D&D lately.) Today’s guest on What’s Your Emergency may or may not have some insight on how to deal with those particular issues…but he can certainly help you with reality based ones.

As you’ll hear in this episode, there’s far more to safe families than baby locks and putting sharp things up high.

Jason’s new show ranges from childhood injury prevention to situational awareness, suicide awareness and prevention and many, many more subjects every parent needs to know. Join Jason Brick…6th degree black belt, journalist, and father of two…in talks with experts from every discipline about how to keep our kids and families safer.

Our experts ask Jason Brick about:

  • What was something he learned to protect his family he didn’t already know.
  • Is there a way both parents can share the load when out of the home?
  • Is a home first aid kid really so important?
  • Why does Jason have D&D books on his book shelf?

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