Robyn Mikel, Red HELP, Suicide, and the Stigma of Mental Health

WARNING: This episode contains descriptions of traumatic events involving children and discusses suicide. Listener discretion is advised.

Red Help is an organization trying to bring awareness to Firefighter mental health and speak candidly about suicide risks. We all know the story: Someone shares that a colleague died by suicide and the entire community comes together to discuss it for 5 minutes then gets distracted by some dumb East Coast vs West Coast argument and the discussion is forgotten.​

This week Robyn Mikel from Red H.E.L.P. comes in to tell her story (grab some tissues) and talk about why that 5 minutes we spend on mental health isn’t nearly enough.​

Listen and learn:

  • How Robyn got involved with Red Help and why she’s so passionate
  • Why there aren’t any “red flag” warning signs for suicide until it’s too late
  • How we can all be more aware about the mental health of those around us
  • How to pronounce Robyn’s last name. Or at least, how to pronounce it now. Long story.

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