Refresh2021 and the Future of Online Education with Batt Chief Tom Bouthillet

During these challenging times (Aren’t you sick of getting those emails?), Battalion Chief Tom Bouthillet saw an opportunity to improve EMT and Paramedic education and decided not to just watch it go by.

The result was an entirely online education program that offered 30 hours of Continuing Credit Units for providers stuck at home due to Covid restrictions. And he didn’t just read some slides on a cell phone camera and upload it to Youtube.

Calling in heavy hitters in the Pre-Hospital world, Tom lined up the folks who literally wrote the book in their respective fields to give engaging presentations unlike the EMS profession has ever seen.

HM and MC ask Chief Bouthillet:

  • What was the inspiration behind Refresh2021?
  • Why was the decision made to make the content free on
  • Who are some of the experts presenting at Refresh2021?
  • Is this format the future for EMS education?

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