Puff, Puff, Pass

On this week’s episode of the EMS Handoff, Eric, Bradley and David take on a conversation about the changing status and laws around the country on the use of marijuana, hemp and CBD products. As the access to some of the derivatives become more readily available, what are the implications of the EMS practitioner in regards to personal use, and what expectations you have when it comes to being drug tested?

Furthermore, we get into possible cases you may see when it comes to the patients we see in the field. 

* Legal System at Play

* State and Federal Oversight

* THC and CBD Metabolites

* Drug Testing

* Inner cannabinoid system

* Stress and Marijuana

* Hyperemesis Case Study

* Cannabis induced pneumomediastinum

* Final Notes


Cannabinoid Hyperemsis Syndrome

Is CBD Addictive?

Pneumomediastinum in marijuana users: a retrospective review of 14 cases

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