Pediatric Restraint with Tim Nowak

The EMS Handoff crew is joined by Tim Nowak, AAS, BS, NRP, CCEMTP, SPO, MPO, CADS. Tim is the founder and CEO of Emergency Medical Solutions, LLC, an EMS training and consulting company that he developed in 2010. Through this venture, he is the editor-in-chief of EMS Director magazine, a webinar/app-based continuing education content developer, columnist and blog writer, product developer, instructor and speaker, podcast guest and host, and a social media influencer on LinkedIn.

Tim is also the assistant chief of special operations with a county-wide EMS agency based in Florida, where he oversees the planning and logistics sections, special operations functions and community paramedicine programs for the agency.

This podcast, the EMS Handoff crew is going to review Nowak’s article, Training Day: 3 options for safely transporting your pediatric patient.

1. Pediatric transports can be challenging!

  • Safe versus Not Safe

  • “Mom holding onto baby”

2. Best practices for pediatric transport in the ambulance

3. What is acceptable?

4. Car Restraint Systems

5. Four-point shoulder/ chest restrains

6. What is not acceptable

  • No one in the ambulance – parents, caregivers, medics or other passengers should be unrestrained during transport.

  • Consider your options and plan ahead so you are prepared when faced with a pediatric patient.

7. 4 Safety considerations for Pediatric Transport

  • Do tightly secure all monitoring devices and other equipment
  • Do ensure available restraint systems are used by personnel and other occupants, including the patient.
  • Do not have the child/infant held in the parent’s caregiver’s or EMS personnel’s arms or lap during transport.
  • Do not allow emergency vehicles to be operated by persons who have not completed an approved driving course.

“The next time you are completing your PCR, take a look at all of the transport options.  Via stretcher leads the pack, but mom holding onto baby…. Well, it is not there for a reason…”

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