Parenting Emergencies: Raising Lions with Joe Newman

It sounds funny, but some children are different than others and finding a strategy to successfully deal with the children can be a challenge. Just ask MC. As you, our loyal listener, is well aware, MClet #3 has presented challenges and opportunities throughout the years. Be it yelling, hitting, throwing things or just plain being mean, MC and the wife were near their wit’s end.

Enter Joe Newman. His book Raising Lions was like he was writing about their family. The techniques they’ve been able to deploy have had a tremendous positive impact, so much so that we invited him on the show. We discuss:

  • Have kids changed? Has parenting changed?
  • What are some of the techniques that work on children that act like lions?
  • What are the three stages in development that explain how sometimes the terrible twos become the terrible adolescence?
  • Can any of this be applied to supervising first responders?

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