Opening The Skies

In this third and final installment covering our operations assisting refugees at the Ukrainian border, Dov and Raphael are joined by Linor Attias, a United Hatzalah EMT and one of the mission leaders of Operation Orange Wings. Linor also serves as an emergency management specialist at the Israeli Ministry of Justice and was uniquely suited to be one of the co-leaders of the medical and humanitarian aid mission to assist Ukrainian refugees in Moldova.

In this episode, the trio shares a first-hand account of just a few of the activities that were undertaken as a part of the overall mission, one of which, was successfully opening Moldovan airspace to humanitarian aid and facilitating the evacuation of refugees via the Chisinau Airport which had been closed since the beginning of the war due to its proximity with Ukraine and Transitania. By doing so, Linor single-handedly made a huge impact on the lives of tens of thousands of refugees who were able to receive medicines, food, and humanitarian aid, as well as depart Moldova for their countries of choice.

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