OneScope with Sujit Kumar & Harry Joshi

Episode 211 is OneScope with Sujit Kumar and Harry Joshi. Sujit is the founder of PatCen a Seattle based company and the maker of OneScope. OneScope is a new, simple powerful all in one Video Laryngoscope. Harry is an Anestelogist and is part of the PatCen Team. We learn more about Sujit and Harry as well as the development of PenCen and OneScope in this episode.
For Medic2Medic Podcast listeners who would be interested in trialing the OneScope, Sujit and Harry are offering a free trial and if you decide to purchase, they will give a $500 coupon. The coupon cannot be used as cash but can be used toward the purchase of a brand new OneScope or toward the purchase of our disposable blades. 

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