New SafetyNeb Mask Without Viral Particle Release

AerosoLess Medical has recently released a revolutionary new face mask that allows medical personnel to again provide nebulized treatments, targeted directly into the patient’s lungs.  The SafetyNebTM Mask uses patent-pending technology to create a CPAP-like tight seal with the patient’s face and is also fitted with water-resistant viral filters over its vent holes. These features drastically reduce the ability of pathogens contained in patients’ exhaled breath and coughs to escape into the environment.

The SafetyNeb Mask was introduced to the market by Dr. Paul Louis, an emergency medicine physician.  In our new era, where we have a new awareness about aerosols, particularly in the confined space of an ambulance, the SafetyNeb Mask allows frontline workers to treat patients effectively with nebulized albuterol, atrovent and even TXA, without exposing themselves to patient pathogens. 

Read more about it in JEMS.

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