Mobile Integrated Healthcare with Kevin Spratlin

The EMS Handoff guys talk to Kevin Spratlin, MS, NRP, about the Memphis Fire Department’s unique way of handling an overwhelming number of calls. 

Spratlin leads Memphis Fire Department’s Healthcare Navigator Program, an innovative mobile integrated healthcare/community paramedicine model which seeks to reduce the impact of non-emergent medical calls on the department’s emergency response capabilities. He also chaired the Tennessee MIH/CP Task Force. Spratlin has served in the emergency services field for over 28 years.

Show Highlights


  • Top three issues that patients face
  • Challenges confronting
  • Monetary cost of ambulance misuse
  • Abuse versus misuse
  • RADAR program (rapid assessment decision and redirection)
  • Community education
  • HUG (High utilizer group) team and COVID-19
  • Community paramedicine


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Resources/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

Memphis Fire Department Healthcare Navigator Program

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