Horrible Industry Ideas that Should Never See the Light of Day

Here at WYE Radio, we fancy ourselves experts in our respective fields. Years of advanced education and training on top of decades of public service, pushing the limits, challenging the status quo and striving to make our professions better than we are.

And then comes the Industry. Not the industry like “Oh, cool, electricity and factories” but the companies that prey upon confused (and more than likely a little intoxicated) managers, Chiefs and administrators who suddenly have the solution to a problem the never knew they had. You know the ones…

Just such an industry solution rattled through Justin’s feeds this week as THIS DEPARTMENT thought it would be a good idea to purchase what 25-year Fire Service veteran and Paramedic Captain calls “the second dumbest thing I’ve seen.”

What about you? What kind of equipment/tech have you seen around that makes you shake your head and wish you were the one writing the checks?

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