History in the Present: Storytelling, Artifacts and Resilience

Can “this is how we’ve always done it” actually serve as valuable insight? Can the past be a part of the solution for the future? Can understanding the journey be a part of a healing or resilience plan? 

This week, Brett is joined by Kristy Van Hoven, director of the National EMS Museum, museum expert, and PhD candidate who is determined to understand how the past plays into the present and how it can be used as a tool for cultural breakthroughs and understanding and progress. 

Kristy shares stories about her time at Mayo Clinic working to understand how artifacts and collections may directly affect brain disorders, explains how the Minneapolis Institute of Art used pain and loss as a way to heal a community, and how museums are able to facilitate emotional progress and strength. 

Storytelling is the first step to healing, and only when we are confident and ready to embrace vulnerability are we able to effectively drive and lead sustainable change. 

Welcome to Emergent Leadership where we connect with passionate leaders who just have to share their stories, perspectives, and most importantly, lessons learned.

The need is urgent, the events are critical, and the you of tomorrow is just an episode away!

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