Episode 80: Beta DEA Rules

Mike and Ritu are LIVE in this important episode. 5 years ago we started the discussion on the issue of the Controlled Substance Act of 1970 and how there were no provisions for EMS. The DEA came to the table to explain the conundrum we are in as an industry. There was only one option. CHANGE THE LAW! Well, guess what. That is exactly what was done. 3 years later, we finally have a draft version of the rules to comply with the law and Mike and Ritu break it down. This is an IMPORTANT episode that will affect every EMS Provider. Please share this widely to get the discussion going. Sit back, watch the video version on YouTube or Facebook and chill with us! Thanks for making the SecondShift the fastest growing podcast on the network! Please leave us a great review on iTunes or wherever you listen! We appreciate you so much.

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