The SecondShift Podcast

Hosted ByMike Verkest and Dr. Ritu Sahni.

SecondShift, THE EMS "infotainment" podcast with Mike Verkest and Dr. Ritu Sahni.
Entertaining stories, interesting EMS news, special guests, food & beer, laugh, and cry.

Episode 60: SecondShift and the BIG House

Mike and Ritu welcome their good friend Ben Sorenson for a podcast done from Ann Arbor, Michigan. The boys were going to their first game at Michigan stadium where Dr. Sahni did his Undergrad. It was a trip down memory lane for him and his wife Janet as they towed the boys around town. Believe it or not, there is some amazing quality improvement talk that was inspired by a Michigan Football Blog! We appreciate you listening to the SecondShift podcast! Thank you for the comments, reviews and emails! If you haven’t, please go to your favorite podcast app and leave a rating and review! We appreciate it!

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