The SecondShift Podcast

Hosted ByMike Verkest and Dr. Ritu Sahni.

SecondShift, THE EMS "infotainment" podcast with Mike Verkest and Dr. Ritu Sahni.
Entertaining stories, interesting EMS news, special guests, food & beer, laugh, and cry.

Episode 56: Snails and Goose Liver

Mike and Ritu break down some mental health stuff, including a bit on “EMS Art” which, apparently, some people find offensive? Hmm ….ever wonder what keeps and EMS Medical Director up at night? Hear from 1 docs perspective. We appreciate you listening to the SecondShift podcast! Still considered one of the top 10 in the industry, we couldn’t do it without your support! Thank you for the comments, reviews and emails! Be sure and subscribe and leave us a rating on iTunes or whatever podcast platform you use. We appreciate your loyalty to the FlightBridgeED family of Podcasts including The OG FlightBridgeED Podcast, SecondShift, The EMS Lighthouse Project Podcast, and The Mind-Body Medic podcast. Without you the listener, we are nothing. Thank you all!

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