The SecondShift Podcast

Hosted ByMike Verkest and Dr. Ritu Sahni.

SecondShift, THE EMS "infotainment" podcast with Mike Verkest and Dr. Ritu Sahni.
Entertaining stories, interesting EMS news, special guests, food & beer, laugh, and cry.

Episode 43 – 14 Days to Better Epinephrine

Mike and Ritu have a less than satisfactory experience this time while recording at the usual spot….if you listen closely, you may hear someone order tots….Anyway, on this episode, we talk Telehealth, SMR, Plasma and a variety of other delicious EMS topics. Our old friend Ben Sorenson sits in the pews and lobs grenades into the conversation….he’s too chicken to pull up a mic! You don’t want to miss this episode, so sit back relax and get ready to punch in for your SecondShift! We don’t want to sound desperate, but we would love for you to subscribe and rate the SecondShift on iTunes! We can’t tell you how much we appreciate you listening and joining in on the discussion!

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