First of all, Happy Birthday to us! The Medic Up! Podcast is turning 3 years old this month and if you’ve listened from the beginning or you’re a die hard follower (all 6 of you) then you know that the Medic Up! Podcast started with a series I loosely termed “The Student Project.” I interviewed a series of my prior graduates from their respective cohorts. The interviews spanned from a brand new 6-month paramedic at the end of his probationary period all the way to a 5 year paramedic who graduated from my 1st cohort when I started teaching as full time faculty at my 2 year technical college in the Upstate of South Carolina. 

On this episode, Alaina sits down with me to talk about her first year as a paramedic. She’s a 2018 graduate who was awarded our program’s Outstanding Student of the Class and was also recognized as going “Above and Beyond” for her part in an off-duty tourniquet save.

The format of this episode follows the “Student Project” series so if you’re a new EMT thinking about medic school or you just started medic school or you’ve been in EMS a while and are thinking of moving on, listen to the excitement and motivation in Alaina’s voice as she talks about her 1st year as a paramedic and then tell me you’re not excited, recharged and renewed, I dare you!! 

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