Ep. 23 “Top 10” Questions E.D. Nurses Have About Paramedics aka: “What Do Medics Even Do, Bro?”

Nurse Chelsie was kind enough to answer my questions about nursing for the “April Fools” episode. If you haven’t listened to Episode 21: “Medic Up! to Nursing Bridge Program aka: Chris from @Medic Up! is Going to Nursing School” go listen. Then go listen to Episode 22: “Medics and Nurses” to find out some of the nice things nurses say about EMTs and Medics when they’re not around.
Well, now it’s my turn to answer some questions nurses have about EMTs, paramedic and EMS in general. Real talk ya’ll. If you’ve been in EMS more than 10 minutes, each one of Chelsie’s questions are 100% relatable and spot on! If you’re in EMS and these questions don’t make you laugh, ask your partner to adjust the stick in your ass and lighten up. Enjoy.

From the “ambulance chaser” blog:
A paragod is typically a new paramedic (less than 3 years typically) who have the attitude that they can do no wrong since they are now a paramedic. They often ignore or belittle EMTs because they aren’t paramedics, despite the fact that they were in their exact position only a short time ago

Urban Dictionary says:
(1) a prima donna paramedic with a “god complex” who thinks he/she is smart despite being an incompetent fool

(2) any paramedic who is more concerned with his ego than his patients, regardless of skill level or talent

(3) an otherwise competent paramedic who is an egomaniac

My Local E.D. Nurses in the Wild

(Black & White; 2019)

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