Dr. Sharon Grossman and the 7E Solution to Burnout

Burnout in the disciplines is real. We all know it. Trouble is, most of the resources made available to first responders are tips on avoiding future stress (good luck with that), avoiding alcohol (C’mon, man), and maybe go and get you some therapy

Justin has been going through anxiety and burnout for almost two full years (possibly longer) and thought there wasn’t any more help out there.

Then, he stumbled on our guest’s book, The 7E Solution to Burnout. Curious about the subtitle, “Transforming Exahuasted to Extraordinary” Justin dove in expecting the usual advice he had already encountered. It could not have been any different.

Dr. Sharon Grossman joins us on the show today and we discuss:

  • Identifying Burnout in yourself and addressing the possible cause(s)
  • Why keeping your job is an option most ignore
  • Tips on dealing with anxiety derived from supervisors and workplace stress
  • How Dr. Grossman seems to have written this book while looking over Justin’s shoulder

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