The Ten Minute Medic

Hosted ByBill Young

The Ten Minute Medic (TMM) Podcast is for busy EMS students who need information in bite size portions to listen to between calls or while standing in line.  Brought to you by experienced EMS educators, who are busy themselves, we will never waste your time with useless fluff!

Does My Patient Know What They’re Doing?

In this episode of the Ten Minute Medic, we take a look at the ability of your patient to make competent decisions.  At the end of this podcast, the student will

1.  Understand the difference between competency and capacity

2.  Understand the legal ramifications of failing to recognize competency

3.  Understand the ASSET method of assessing competency.

In the podcast, I reference an article entitled, “EMS, Capacity and Competence”.  That full article can be found at this link:


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