Clinician Versus Technician – Part 1

As EMS transitions to a more proactive primary care role in the field, how are we in education creating the context needed for students to succeed? 

Greg Johnson joins us for this discussion. He is the EMT/AEMT Coordinator at Columbia State Community College where he leads a highly successful EMT and Advanced EMT program. He is well-versed in didactic, practical, and clinical development of the EMS student and provides a wealth of experience for this discussion. 

* Clinicians versus skill junkies

* Accreditation Critical Question

* Field Start

* Clinicians over Technicians

* Clinical Early Start

* Simulation Training

* Avocado Pit Poisoning

* Crawl- Walk- Run

* Into the Pass Rate Weeds

* Building the Autonomous Role in 15- Weeks

* Are Textbooks Needed?

* Paramilitary Style Approach

* Closing Words


ET3 Model

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