Changing the Culture in the Disciplines – Minneapolis and Beyond Part I

The death of George Floyd at the hands (knee) of a Minneapolis Police Officer has touched off a powder keg of emotions, protests, riots and political tap dancing. This week our show talks first responders and addresses what it feels like to see people we call “brother and sister” destroying the hard work we do day in and day out.

In an upcoming show they will discuss the fallout, directions to go from here and how to rebuild the trust we have let people like the MPD Officer take away from us all. This week they discuss:

  • The death of George Floyd, specifically the submission technique that caused his death
  • Alternate methods for restraint, including when and how to get a co-worker to de-escalate their efforts
  • Tips for addressing overly engaged co-workers both at the scene and back at the station/yard/PD
  • Dealing with emotions running fast and hard both at the scene and later on


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