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Hosted ByBill Young

The Ten Minute Medic (TMM) Podcast is for busy EMS students who need information in bite size portions to listen to between calls or while standing in line.  Brought to you by experienced EMS educators, who are busy themselves, we will never waste your time with useless fluff!

Autism and What EMS Needs to Know Part 2 of 2

This is the second part of our Autism and What EMS Needs to Know series.    My guests are Dustin Young, Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the Tillamook Family Counseling Corporation and Nick Watts, Community Paramedic with Tillamook County EMS.  In this week’s presentation the student will

  1. Identify the changes in autism as a child transitions into an adult.
  2. How autistic patients learn how to self-regulatef their behavior.
  3. What EMS should know to minimize confrontations with autistic patients.
  4. When to and when not to restrain autistic patients.

Some resources that you might find helpful in learning more about autism include:

Auggies Hope-The idea of Auggie’s Hope is to advocate for Autism. A lot has changed in the past few years but their core belief of advocating for special needs has not. They have grown and continue to focus our mission training first responders on how to help a special needs family in crisis.

Autism Risk Management- Are you searching for autism training curriculum for police and law enforcement? Dennis Debbaudt develops current, relevant, sustainable and memorable autism and law enforcement curriculum and digital video content. Debbaudt has over two decades of experience in autism and law enforcement curriculum development.

National Autism Association-Toolbox of resources for interactions between first responders and patients with autism. 

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