Author Douglas R Brown and A Firefighter’s Christmas Carol

​Move over Charles Dickens, there’s a new Christmas Carol on the block.

No, not the Muppet Christmas Carol, even though it is a work of cinematic genius. We’re talking about Douglas Brown’s new collection of short tales A Firefighter Christmas Carol and other stories. Doug reached out to Justin to see if he’d be interested in reading the book a few months ago and Justin had to delay because of some mental health issues. You see, it isn’t good to read about PTSD and suicide when you’re possibly in the middle of treatment for mental health issues.

Justin finally got through the Christmas Carol and immediately reached out to Doug to share this story as well as his own.

  • When Doug made the pivot from his successful fantasy writing to this particular story
  • What in his experiences came through as we watch his main character suffer Dickens’ famous night of ghosts
  • How the story can both help, and possibly hurt a person in recovery or experiencing PTSD
  • Why werewolves came up in a discussion about firefighter PTSD, like, at all


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