Australia is Burning – Interview with Aussie Firefighter/Medic Nick Williams

Australian Paramedic and Firefighter, or “Firey,” Nick Williams is in studio to talk about the devastating and seemingly unstoppable wildfires engulfing Australia. He discusses his responsibilities as a Paramedic and part time firefighter as well as the organizational make up of the fire resources in his region. Even though this episode was recorded in December 2019, Australia continues to suffer from the impacts of the fires.

  • Does Australia use the same resource types as the US?
  • Why and how did the fires spread so quickly?
  • Can Nick be deployed as a Firefighter while on duty as a Paramedic?
  • With so many communities only accessible via single roadways, how long until Australia recovers?

All this and more on the only podcast responding to all emergencies, at home, on the job, or on the other side of the planet.

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